Thursday, September 30, 2004

Blogs selling off, pt. 2

Short on time, the story of my life. I'll probably listen to the debate tonight while I monitor the web, like many of you. Hope the whole thing doesn't crash.

I wrote the following as part of my conversation to cs and eRobin the other day, in response to my post on what Billmon wrote last weekend on blogs selling off. I'm going these comments, slightly modified, here to clarify my position.

...I don't see the sell-off, whatever that means, in the blogs I like. That includes Atrios and dKos. I don't mind the fundraising; money means power and increasing ability to communicate, especially for the progressive candidates who aren't supported well by the establishment Dems. Exciting to me as well, eRobin.

Repeating both cs and eRobin, I don't have the same worldview as the Drum/Yglesias crowd so I have concern, as those voices increase. But I'm always edu-centric. Maybe they'll see the light, just as they did with Iraq, if they open their minds about the current edutrend. So far they are toeing the corporate Dem line, as far as I'm concerned.

And in my opinion, if anyone has sold out, it would be Yglesias and Drum, especially Yglesias because I see him unquestioningly accept spin from the blogs funded by conservative think tanks. All that intellect and he's got this huge blind spot, let me tell ya. Problem is, these two guys influence many other bloggers who don't do this for a living and who have no clue who is Yglesias' source.

Of course, I don't think both of you fall in that group. Also, within the dkos community (and not Markos per se), there's a strange sense of group-think and censorship. It's not horribly pernicious but still, it concerns me and I'm not sure what that's all about...