Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Looking around

I'm glad Robin of Factesque pointed this out. She reminds us of Kevin Hayden's state directory resource he has compiled. He's also selling it for the rock bottom price of $15, a bargain and a worthy cause. He includes even more linky goodness in the paid version.

cs of not watching television responds with a lovely post on reading out loud. I like the title of her blog, a topic very dear to my heart. We're mostly off this drug of choice;it was hard at first but I find it forces me to be cognizant of how I spend time, mostly thoughtlessly. In turn, I found the space for creative projects expands: baking, art work, playing board games. We do, however, watch a few videos a week. Lately it's mostly Gene Kelly musicals. Gawd, I love his dancing.

Cmdr Sue tells us when you know you're a Republican when...

If you're looking for some clarity, this has got to be it. Be sure to pass it on to your nonblogging friends, and welcome them to what we already know in the blogging world.

Update: And just noticed my piece for What She Said is now up. Morgaine who runs the shop definitely deserves to be called The Goddess. I'm having fun checking out sites new to me.