Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Our bait and switch president

Dubya may be the true flip-flopper but I'd say let's not use that cuz he's worse than that.

Here's a better one: he's a bait and switcher. And I think 'bait and switch' is a helluva better description of how he works.

Iraq: I didn't take this bait but he got others to take his fake Niger 16 word SOTU bait. And, boy, are we getting shafted. Oops. No WMD. Oops, no connection between the dictator and the terrorist network.
Compassionate conservative: he told us he was a compassionate conservative, whatever that oxymoron means. Conservative, yes; compassionate, not even close.

Environment: He told us we're getting 'clean skies'. Nope. Not even; they're getting dirtier.

Education: He told us he was the education pres. And then he proclaimed, along with the corporate Dems, he was going to make sure "no child gets left behind". Actually, it's more like all children left behind, unless you're rich enough to afford private school.

I'll have to rummage around to look for specifics but I'm short on time today. You've got ideas? Go ahead. Get it out there.