Friday, April 30, 2004

Update on the Westminster school district

Just got an email from Jim Morey, a parent living in the Westminster school district. Glad to hear the school board recall is still going strong.
    I thought I'd give you some GOOD NEWS! There was a recall meeting last night for volunteers and organizers. The energy is still high even though the possible loss of funds did not happen. EVERYONE is still PISSED OFF and the basis of the recall now is incompetence and violation of The Brown Act (when they hired a new attorney WITHOUT having any public deliberations on it). Nancy Leventhal, who lived the "Vista Experience" recalling the same type of stealth religiopolitical board members, got up and spoke to us of her experiences and what we need to watch out for. Her words carried enormous weight with the entire crowd since most of us have not been through one of these recall efforts before.

    The owner of the meeting hall we rented for our meeting received 3 seperate phone calls during the day yesterday with the message of...if you have the meeting tonight there is going to be HOW SPECIAL IS THAT?!!! Threats coming in already, WOW - I love religious zealots!
Note: their school board, with a 3 out of 5 Christian majority, first started this journey by omitting transgendered adults and students in their district anti-discrimination policy, required by state law. The state of CA threatened to revoke funding unless they complied with state law. Instead, the board rewrote their policy. Their version of the anti-discrimination law passed reluctant muster with the state of CA, a victory for the Christian right. However, I'm glad the parents are still persevering.