Thursday, April 22, 2004

Education: the new growth opportunity

Couple of questions keep coming up while I was reading this thing:
1. So does high stakes testing really make for a better education? Maybe you do get higher test scores on math and reading. Does this make for a good education?
2. According to this article, the quality of tutoring may be questionable.
3. This private tutoring biz sounds awfully fishy money-wise. I've been looking at all the NCLB stuff right and left, upside down and rightside up, trying to figure out whether I'm right or not. According to the lit, private tutoring costs $40 to $80 per child. Now in this article, the poor tutor makes $10 to $11 an hour. If you've got just ten kids at the lowest rate, that's $400. With the tutor making just a fraction of a dent in that $400, these companies are making a killing. Jury is still out; I'll certainly retract this if I'm wrong.