Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My brain is still on vacation

But I've been reading:
  • the inimitable Kamikaze Kumquat. Don't miss the explosive observations about porn and news.
  • via Commander Sue, I find Nevsky, who is defending his dissertation. Best wishes to him. By the way, I'm glad he can defend his dissertation although my kindergartener asked me, how come he can't add?
  • then, via Nevsky, I got out of my usual rut to find C. Franz's fascinating take on bar people. C. Franz is also defending his dissertation. I don't know him but I send nothing but best wishes to him as well.
  • Paperwight has more good observations on student loans, the bane of my existence.
      Every single thing that is done to make it harder for all of our children to have access to a good education just drives the nation toward a stratified, class-ridden society. Just because the privileged children of our leaders won't suffer doesn't excuse those leaders' behavior. Everyone deserves a fair shot.