Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I left my brain in San Diego

The last-minute surprise trip to San Diego left me even less time for me. (My questions to other moms: when the family goes on vacation, does that mean more work for you? Does that mean it's not really a vacation? How do they even dare call it a vacation?)

We passed by the infamous district of Westminster on the way to San Diego. But since we were on the 405, the only thing we could see were the signs for the Little Saigon exit.

The price of regular gas in San Clemente was 2.30/gallon (Yes, ouch). Is this too late for Linkmeister's project? He wants to see if gas prices go down before the election. He's got an interesting map on his site with gas prices around the nation.

Our hotel room had highspeed cable, which left us with highspeed viruses on the computer. Yuck.

Our hotel headquartered a squad of young teens on a weekend school band trip. Nice, except for the screaming in the hallways, in the pool, and from the balconies. I didn't realize screaming is the de riguer form of communication for teens these days.

Upon coming back, I had to get my fix of news. I find in the LA Times four letters to the editors, in support of the runaway Westminster school board. This was after a positive article on their hastily hired lawyer, Mark Bucher, in last week's paper. Today, we find a wonderful article about the son of a school board member. SCLM? Yeah, right.