Saturday, October 11, 2003

One Day At A Time

Best wishes to Mr. Limbaugh on his foray into rehab. I'm hoping his program is influenced by the 12 Steps. Maybe he'll even get a sponsor who would ask him to study and practice the 12 Steps. He'll probably think he's ended in a hell of some sorts, what with doing the inventory (making a list of personal defects), not to mention that amends step (made amends to those we had harmed). And then there's the slogans: You're as sick as your secrets. Or even how the emphasis is on walking the talk. But, truly, this is his journey, not mine.

The 12 Step program works wonders but not always the first time and for others, personal change occurs in the next few lives or however long it takes. Old souls aren't always wise souls; we're just a wee bit slower than others.