Tuesday, October 07, 2003

CRS Syndrome

This is a new category I've been hearing about, not yet in the DSM, called the "Can't Remember S---" Syndrome. I'm sure we've all experienced it: the lost car keys, the forgotten reminder from the wife, the walking into the other room and, damn, why am I here type thing. I'm positive it's a real phenomena, age-related. It's a common syndrome, maybe even universal, but it also seems to affect certain individuals very conveniently. So in the future, I'm looking forward to hearing about this: those WMDs? Umm, yes. I had forgotten about them. Must have been the CRS. Oh, yes. Groping on the set? Oh, I can't remember. That darn CRS thing. The 16 words in the SOTU address? What did you say?

CRS syndrome, combined with progressive hearing loss and along with lots of TV viewing, seems to really do the trick.