Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Time to buy a Geiger counter for your home

…if these guys had their way:
    ”…What would you think if you heard that radioactive materials from aging nuclear power plants and weapons complexes were going to be dumped in community landfills? Or that they would be "recycled" into everyday consumer goods, building materials, roads, playgrounds and more just to save those who created the waste the trouble and expense of keeping it isolated? That is exactly what the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is considering -- despite the fact that the agency is statutorily required to protect the public's health and ensure our safety in regards to the nuclear materials it regulates….”
Karen Charman, who has warned us about ALEC, now shines a spotlight on a possible new public menace in
Contact your representatives (House and Senate) about the proposed deregulation of radioactive waste by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, else this will be our future:
    "...If this material is deregulated for unrestricted use, as the industry hopes, it will end up in everything from our knives and forks, zippers, the braces on our kids' teeth -- even artificial hip joints and IUDs -- to gardening tools, potting soil, building materials, furniture, computer equipment, and children's toys. In other words, it will be everywhere -- unlabeled and unmonitored..."