Friday, April 21, 2006

NCLB =Contractors profit

So here's still another article on how NCLB diverts the previously untapped public education money flow into the hands of contractors. This one contains a few fun quotes.
Meantime, education companies say there is nothing wrong with being opportunistic.

"The belief around the whole industry is, yes, we know we want to make money," Subrizi said. "But we believe we're in a worthy cause."
Here's another fantastic quote from a contractor, warning that you better get it quick before the gravy train runs out:
"We know that George W. has only got a couple of years left," Stimolo said. "Then what happens? Is that the end of No Child Left Behind? Did we spend all that money for nothing? That's the uncertainty we're dealing with."

Dang, I do feel sorry for this poor Stimolo guy, worrying about W leaving office and wondering about uncertainty over the future. What will happen to all that money if NCLB ends?

I remember one memorable moment watching the former Governor Jesse Ventura lecturing to his audience what to do if you don't understand what's going on: Follow the money. I don't usually watch TV and I'm not a Ventura fan but his message really stuck in my brain. I think he's right in this case.

Follow the money, folks.