Saturday, April 08, 2006

Map of the corporate 'centrists'

I was taken with this graph mapping power, influence, and consumption, posted at Dave Pollard's consistently thought-provoking site, How To Save the World.

Note where Pollard has placed the corporatists, the political and business elite. Hah. Very illuminating. Perhaps that's why this interest group, in both parties, would like us to misidentify them as 'centrists'. After all, they are smack dab in the center of that big circle. Unfortunately, I think it's true they do occupy the center, in terms of power and influence, but let's be clear their policies and agenda are far from centrist.

Btw, Pollard's post takes on a deeper agenda than mine so be sure to read it.

Lately I've been loathe to use terms such as conservative, right-wing and Republican. I'm beginning to think these are immeasurably inadequate labels when identifying the pernicious corporate interests currently in power. I've tried to come up with something in the past: corporate tribal clan, the corpora-Republican tribe, as well as other permutations. I haven't quite figured out just what would be a better name for this extremely powerful interest group.

This powerful set of corporate special interests are also deeply embedded within the Democratic party as well, another reason why the terms conservative and Republican don't quite work for me. In particular, you know I'm singling out the DLC.

The DLC was founded with Koch money, the same money funding the Cato and Reason Foundation type thinktanks of the world. Not surprisingly to me, the DLC still represents those interest groups. Despite kos' assertions recently that the DLC influence is on the decline, I think it's important to point out once more that their education policies are doing quite nicely, thank you, in the program that we all know as NCLB.