Friday, April 21, 2006

AP sets it up for Spellings to come in and save the day

The AP 'loophole' article, which I wrote about yesterday, played in the hands of Spellings comes out looking like this today:
Education Secretary Margaret Spellings is pledging to scrutinize a loophole that allows states to exclude nearly 2 million student test scores under the No Child Left Behind Act.
Oh boy. More heroic Spellings here.
"Do we need to move forward to include more and more children all the time? Yes, we do. I think you'll see we're going to continue to look at that issue," she said.
I have a question. Does anyone remember Armstrong Williams?

And more weirdness in the AP article.
_The law has been a boon for educational consultants, teachers and service companies. One estimate puts the burgeoning industry's revenues as high as $22 billion annually.
I don't know why I keep imagining obediant dogs with wildly wagging tails, asking Spellings "Did we do good?".