Thursday, April 27, 2006

And ditto for education

I like this quote by Avedon Carol, at her site the Sideshow:
Government is a means by which our money is collected and handed over to corporations and cronies.
She's discussing a Broder article but her quote applies well to what's going on with public education.

And as you all know, Wall Street has been really excited about this new growth opportunity gifted to them via NCLB. Contractors profit, even though in many school districts, there's not enough funding for basic education. Of course, you all know W's family and friends have got a nice in to this boondoggle.

An aside, I know people wouldn't agree with me but I'm beginning to think this channelling of our tax money into corporate coffers is the true agenda behind the Norquist 'shrink the government' soundbite. I'm not sure he truly wants to shrink it, as long as the money flows into the 'right' places.

But it does sound good to those who are uninformed and angry. He gets to blame the government as the bad guy, since it's always good policy to have a villain to blame. In the meantime, the government doesn't really seem to shrink, does it, under the Norquist Republicans.