Sunday, March 26, 2006

Still another study: class matters

From the Guardian:
A study by academics at University College London (UCL) and Kings College London has given statistical backbone to the view that the overwhelming factor in how well children do is not what type of school they attend- but social class.
Pray they don't get duped into the BushCo/DLC solution: NCLB.

If poverty is a major reason why kids do poorly in school (really a duh moment), then it seems a policy based on testing and high expectations is startlingly disconnected from reality. How does testing and expectations help kids in poverty excel in school? Living wages seem to be a more direct solution.

Getting back to disconnects, I think that strange startling disconnects are a signatory hallmark of not only BushCo policy but also of their secret corporate political stepchild, the DLC.

More on poverty and kids in schools in this piece by David Berliner.