Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CA: Schwarzenegger appoints Bush loyalist to a position

The centrist Dems who write the charming but non permalinked Roundup (February 1, 2006 version), the must-read politico news from Sacramento, spins it this way:
Gov. Schwarzenegger has tapped another moderate for his cabinet. The governor appointed former U.S. Senate candidate Rosario Marin to replace Fred Aguiar as Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency.
Rosario Marin as moderate? Pah. Are these guys smokin' again?
See the New Yorker, from this piece on Rove:
Rosario Morin, who is the Treasurer of the United States, had been a loyal warrior for Bush.”
The pro-choice moderate has already met with White House political strategist Karl Rove about a campaign against Boxer and has been talking to key Republicans about gathering support. The possibility of Marin's candidacy has excited some high-ranking GOP officials who believe she could boost President Bush's efforts to attract Latino voters.
Ooooooh, I get. She's a pro-choice Republican moderate, whatever that means in these post-Alito days, who also happens to have access to Rove. Anyways, this may keep the Republican wolves baying at Schwarzenegger's door happier for the moment.