Saturday, January 28, 2006

One mystery solved

If you want progressive education policy leadership, the Center for American Progress has been disappointing. CAP has consistently followed the Beltway status quo tepid and timid 'let's fully fund NCLB' meme. Bleah. I haven't been able to count on CAP to be the go-to source of education leadership. Pity, because I do appreciate their leadership in other policy areas.

So why oh why has CAP's education policy leadership been so uninspiring? I've been wondering about their weak jabs at the most heinous education bills ever to come our way, the infamous NCLB.

Recently, I noticed one of the CAP education writers, Robert Gordon, just finished a subbing stint on the smug pro-charter anti-union DLC education policy site.
(scroll to January 25, 2006 for the announcement)

Let me remind you of these two things. 1) DLC has taken the lead in charter school development across the nation, holding sweaty hands with Republicans and conservative thinktank wonks all over the nation. I was just reminded how much the Norquist people loooove charter schools. 2). Not coincidentally, the DLC happens to be the source of the strongest support of NCLB, anywhere.

If you want an opposition party, I wouldn't count on anything coming from the DLC, especially their education policy wankery.

So why oh why is CAP such good blog friends with the DLC? In my mind, the new question is then: what is the connection between the DLC and CAP?