Friday, July 22, 2005

Another one off the ballot: Proposition 77

The judge has ruled to dump Prop. 77, the redistricting initiative, off the ballot.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's attempt to take away the Legislature's power to draw the state's political boundaries was ordered off the November ballot Thursday by a Sacramento judge who ruled that its 900,000 signatures were collected illegally.

Superior Court Judge Gail Ohanesian said backers of Proposition 77 improperly gave one version of the measure to the state attorney general for preparation of the official title and summary and then used a slightly different version to collect signatures around the state.
I think it's called bait-and-switch.

One interesting note from John Myers of KQED:
And an odd twist: Prop 77 proponents would likely appeal the case to the Third District Court of Appeals. Interestingly, that's the same appellate court which used to have an associate justice by the name of Dan Kolkey. Kolkey told reporters he doesn't think his current role as an attorney representing Prop 77... and his former place of employment... is any conflict.
Game is not over for Gov. Schwarzenegger's 'reforms'.

Prop. 76, which kills Prop. 98 which helps fund schools, will undoubtedly stay on the ballot.

Prop. 75, the anti-union initiative, is part of the nation-wide Norquista agenda to work at the state level to destroy union influence. Of note, Gov. Schwarzenegger has stayed miles away from drawing attention to this initiative. After July 31st, we'll find out just who funded Prop. 75, a mystery at this point.