Thursday, July 21, 2005

Gov. Schwarzenegger: Caught Again

Scrutiny of the Governor’s business affairs should be regular and normal policy, but I think too many were caught up in the shine of his movie star image to even question his financial dealings and income. We should question why it has taken so long for this vetting process to happen, two years into his term.

SFChron finds Gov. Schwarzenegger taking advantage of another loophole.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, taking advantage of a technicality in campaign finance laws, has been collecting rent from political action committees that he controls.

During the past three years, campaign committees controlled by Schwarzenegger have paid $166,859 in rent to Main Street Plaza, a three-story building in Santa Monica that the governor owns.

SFChron covers the import of the ethics lawsuit filed by the CA Democratic party. They have filed an ethics complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission, asking for an investigation of his financial holdings for illegal honoraria.

The CA Dems take note of the Governor's extremely inappropriate remarks regarding his wife
referring to Schwarzenegger's flippant remark that his wife was worried that the governor's decision to cancel his contact with American Media, Inc. would mean "less diamonds" for her].
and to ask the Governor to give the money back. At the very least, he can donate the money, such as to the public schools.

Not surprisingly, I saw from dkos via Political Wire that PPIC's new poll shows his approval ratings at a record low, at 34%.