Friday, July 15, 2005

Taos children's clinic to close

We all know media doesn't cover all important stories, especially if it's about a small children's clinic in Taos.

This post, found at (originally from dkos, which I missed) is a great example of why blogs are so important: they fill in the gaps.
Drs. V and Ortiz could be making an ass-load of money elsewhere, instead, they've dedicated themselves to our community. But, in George Bush's America, people like Drs. V and O are best put out of business and the Medicaid children sent home. It looks like they will have to close their doors August 31, 2005.


As a result, business costs continue to rise while income stays the same. The 20 employees of TCCY have not had a raise in years. Now, TCCY just cant afford to stay in business any longer. Sound familiar America?

TCCY will close their doors August 31st, 2005 unless they can get a massive infusion of money. My daughter as well as 15,000 other New Mexico and Colorado children will be without healthcare.

This is the America we live in.
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