Monday, June 06, 2005

End-of-the-year school-is-virtually-out meme time

I was hoping the music meme would pass me by but since this comes from 6th doctor, I will try. Just for you, 6D. Here goes:

1. Music files on my computer: egads. Can you believe nada? My computer is so old, it'll probably crash if I put one more thing on.

2. Last CD bought: David Russell, Aire Latino.

3. Song playing now: see above, track one, Dansa Brasilera.

4. Five songs that mean a lot to me: whoa. Shall I dare reveal this? Yes, indeedy, I have been an idealistic nerd my whole life: I am a die-hard folkie! Hence, the following:

Tish Hinojosa, Sacrifices, Dreaming from the Labyrinth
Kate Wolf, Muddy Roads, Close to You
Stan Rogers,Song of the Candle, Turnaround
Nanci Griffith, Lone Star State of Mind, Lone Star State of Mind
Iz Kamakawiwo'ole, Somewhere over the Rainbow, Facing Future

5. Passing this on (please refer to lighthearted mental sewage for the original template):
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PS to Joe: I haven't forgotten. I'm still working on that other meme.