Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Protests likely in Santa Monica

Our local paper, the Santa Monica Daily Press, has more. And these are the breaks: local means you have to deal with a slow-loading pdf file.

I'm wondering if Schwarzenegger will appear at all given his recent proclivity to avoid negative publicity. The SMDP article does say his invitation to speak was given out two years ago when his pal, Piedad Robertson, was around. (more on Piedad below).

The only alternative is one I fear: installing a temporary police-state in the city college and around the city.

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger, you reap what you are sow. If you want to cut funding for education and continue to say you are increasing funding, if you continute to ignore the voices of those who don't have the money to donate to your special election, then, of course, you will generate protestors wherever you go.