Friday, March 18, 2005

More fabrications from my favorite governor

A definite 'not' regarding favorite but he seems to be accumulating a whole suitcase full of fabrications for prosperity. Skelton in the Los Angeles Times points out a couple of good ones in Governor Fabricator's latest appearance on Hardball.
"Schwarzenegger continued: "They've run down the state. They've created the hugest debt in the history of California. They have run businesses out of the state. And they've really run the state irresponsibly by being spenders, spenders, spenders and really not living within their means."
Now this is an outright lie and a whole lot of spin because:
Nobody in Sacramento has been more guilty of not living within their means than Schwarzenegger. Lacking the courage to raise taxes or cut spending deeply, he has borrowed billions to pay daily bills and saddled the next generation with unconscionable debt.
Using his words, obviously a projection, here is what is really going on in California with his initiatives of 'reform':
"What I mean," the governor added, "is that I've been sent to Sacramento by the people … to fix a broken system, but not to be a politician, because I think the recall election was very clearly about the politicians … have not been able to take care of the job."
Because he hasn't been able to be a leader, working with the elected legislators, he's pushing all out for change via initiatives. And it's obviously because he's not been able to take care of the job.

Hard to do if you spend most of your time fundraising and fabricating.