Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Take a peek at the Luntz strategy book

If you're interested in learning more effective ways of communicating, take a peek at the Luntz strategy book.

In Word .

It's obvious these guys stole our ideas and our words in order to sell their agenda. Bastards.

It's time to take it back from them. Read this thing and get mad. And then it's time for us to play rhetorical jyu-jitsu. We can do this too.

While there's precious little on education specifically (oh, why, oh why is that; I hope the answer isn't that it's too late), here's a little something on what they say to never say: Number 13:
NEVER SAY: School Choice
Parental Choice/Equal Opportunity in Education
Americans are still evenly split over whether they support “school choice” in America’s schools. But they are heavily in favor of “giving parents the right to choose th schools that are right for their children,” and there is almost universal support for “equal opportunity in education.” So frame the issue right and you get the support you need.
Well well well.

We need to emphasize NCLB's end goal is "school choice". And, another point we need to highlight: their education agenda is simply to PRIVATIZE education.

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