Thursday, March 03, 2005

Schwarzenegger losing support

If you want to know why I'm not posting as much, know that I'm being called to duty. It leaves me with virtually no time to blog. Believe you me, I would rather sit behind the computer screen and be an infogeek.

The PTA's still have life in them, at least at the very local level, and they've been busy trying to educate parents with what Ahhhnold's doing to public education.

The more people know, the worse Ahhhhnold has a chance.

So it is with some relief to see this, especially since I do believe the LAT has been excruciatingly careful about reporting anything negative about Ahhhnold.
A Field Poll released in late January showed a 10-point drop in Schwarzenegger's approval rating — from 65% in September to 55% now. That is one point lower than former Gov. Gray Davis' rating after his first 10 months in office. And the poll found that 53% believe California is on the wrong track, up from 38% in September.


But the damage had already been done. Schwarzenegger reneged on his education deal from last year — announcing in January that public schools would get $2 billion less than they are owed under Proposition 98.

And school officials were also put off by a Schwarzenegger plan to shift to districts the cost of teacher pensions and services for the mentally disabled.
This article barely covers the basics of what's going on, not surprisingly, but the whole tenor of the article is notable: Ahhhnold's striking out. It's taking time to let the parents know what's happening. It's harder since the papers aren't covering it well here locally.

Still, we're gearing up for a battle coming up for this next special election. If anything, we're finding that once the parents find out what's going on, they're off the Ahhhnold wagon. They aren't going to let this one go.