Thursday, February 24, 2005

Many thanks to Brad DeLong

And it's brilliant idea: a Subvert the Dominant Internet Link Hierarchy program. Badly needed in this side of the blogosphere. (I'm also a grateful recipient of paperwight's generosity as well.)

Great to see all the new faces. Quick; before you scatter, here's a very short bit intro to what I do here.

I focus largely on public education policy and critique media coverage of the same. Kinda goes with the territory, it seems.

At times, I discuss California ed policy (how could I not with the current guy in office) and how this all affects my kid in first grade who will endure a transformed education landscape due to NCLB. Sad, very sad.

It's enough to make a mom pissed enough to spend too much time on the internets trying to figure out what the hell is going on, even when she should be looking for a post-doc (though not in a field anywhere close to education policy).