Saturday, March 12, 2005

Mothers against WASL

Mothers Against WASL is an activist group based in Washington State. Newest press release:
Mothers Against WASL, previously an internet-based group of parents, students and educators, has registered with the State of Washington as a Nonprofit Corporation.

“Our goal is to better organize to offer education and training to parents throughout the state,” says the organization’s director, Juanita Doyon.

“ WASL is an extremely controversial test and its use as a graduation requirement or for student placement of any kind is totally inappropriate.

We must get this message to parents and the general public. We are struggling against state agencies and business corporations with seemingly endless resources for propaganda. In order to arm parents with correct information and inform them of their rights for their children, we must become more efficient at pooling parent and teacher resources and talents.”


Mothers Against WASL will provide information and assistance to citizens throughout the state. Mothers Against WASL calls on all citizens to study the issue of high-stakes testing, review the WASL test, and become aware of the multiple controversies surrounding this assessment.

Mothers Against WASL encourages parents to make informed decisions as to whether or not to allow their children to participate in WASL testing. It is legal for parents to opt their children out of any state test.
One day, I'd like to list all of the activist groups by states.