Thursday, March 31, 2005

More evidence that privatization is the real goal

It's a given that the right-wingers and the DLCers, funny how they work so well together, will consistently smear NCLB critics as conspiracy theorists.

No matter what they say, the evidence keeps trumping the hype. In Texas, where we have been getting a preview of where the nation is headed in terms of public education, it is obvious NCLB is the vehicle for privatizing the schools.

Let me point to two blogs covering Texas education policy in detail.

1. Over at Education Equity, Politics and Policy in Texas, the highlighted article shows how legislators are trying to fast-track the 'fail' rate of their schools so that they can be tracked into charter schools. And it will be phenomenally quick in the first go-round: from 92 schools to 1000 schools.

(Note: this was a featured piece in this week's Advocate Weekly, a listing of education posts from our loosely formed coalition of education policy bloggers. Please check out the other posts. Lots of good stuff.)

2. Education at the Brink has more evidence that privatization is the end goal in Texas.

This isn't just in Texas. Joe Thomas covers what's going on in Arizona education policy as well, another voucher hot spot.

Here in California, I think the arguments are disguised, the vehicle being our movie-star governor, who insists he is carrying out the will of the people. Reform is the narrative line. And the star-struck sheeple are vulnerable.