Tuesday, February 01, 2005

True colors

For those wondering what Spellings will do after her promise to address the 'horror stories' of NCLB, I think we just got the answer. In her swearing in statement, she said: "We must stay the course".

eRobin at Fact-esque has been saying from the get-go that she's definitely not a B-teamer. I think Spellings will inflict quite a bit of damage more insidiously considering she's way slicker than her predecessor. Don't forget her pedigree: she's a longtime member of the BushCo inner circle.

Remember where she came from: this was the education record in Texas. And, yes, she gets to be the head of education in the US with that record. A very nice example of irony regarding the soft bigotry of low expectations, don't you think.

Also remember she is a strong supporter of abstinence only sex education, to me a sign she's more connected with the Christian right than how she presents herself.

I think we should talk about her in terms more like 'iron fist in velvet gloves'.

Let's watch her actions, not the words.

She's already mea culpa'd away the Armstrong Williams revelations, and she conveniently forgot to ask him for our money back.

She was quick to appease the Christian conservatives with her attack on PBS and 'different' lifestyles, scary because I don't think she was appointed 'lifestyle cop'. Her reward: she's now the recipient of a big letter writing campaign in support of her work. Rod Paige would've been slaughtered for those comments, and yet she comes out fine.

Still it's certainly too early to say we're out of the honeymoon period but we know the corporate press really hasn't been much of a watchdog for democracy recently.