Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Spellings it is

News of Rod Paige's resignation as Secretary of the Department of Education was buried amidsts the news of Colin Powell's resignation.

Deliberate? You decide. I got the sense Paige was a liability, even an embarrassment at times. Done this way, the fact that even the strongest pro-Bush states have major issues with NCLB got swept under the rug.

Choosing Spellings continues the BushCo pattern of circling those ol' wagons tighter.

I keep hearing Spellings is someone who doesn't completely follow the Christian right agenda since she doesn't support the voucher issue as much as they'd like. However, one red flag has gone up for me: she does support abstinence-only sex education.

We'll see how she supports that agenda and whether it comes as part of a larger package.

Her confirmation should come without a hitch.