Sunday, November 14, 2004

Second (and shorter) thoughts on Margaret Spellings

You know, the one most likely to replace Rod Paige as Department of Education Secretary, tho there are others.

Diarist GOTV at dailykos probably said it best: she's the perfect candidate; she's got no paper trail.

Not only that, a major 'character flaw' the conservatives had issue with has been taken care of. She's now married, no longer a divorced single mom anymore. God forbid that we have any single divorced moms inhabiting a cabinet position.

That said, she's also an advocate for abstinence only sex education, which makes her an even better candidate.

Yup, the coast looks clear to me.

Update: One of many missing ingredients, things which I doubt we'll find out about, is her religious affiliation. She's so stealth that there is no information on this although we can guess. Not only that, I really don't think anyone will have the nerve to ask her if she has any connection with the Christian Reconstructionists nor will she reveal it if she is aligned with them.