Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Kerry and West Virginia

I'm going to have my eyes glued on West Virginia results in this election.

Chicago Trib on Kerry and West Virginia (thanks to Yahoo so you don't have to register!). The latest Zogby interactive showed Dubya ahead by 2.8%, down from 6.1%, which means Dubya's trending down, if you believe Zogby.

The latest poll is by Global Strategies Group: 47% Dubya, 45% Kerry with a MOE of 4. This was part of a poll funded by Manchin, a Democrat running for governor in that state.

Kerry's got a better chance than Gore who lost this state by a small margin. Kerry identifies himself as a sportsman and owns guns for hunting. He's a vet, which could go both ways if the media allowed more information filtering through. To his disadvantage, West Virginia was the state targeted by RNC bahooey saying that Kerry would outlaw Bibles if elected. That the NRA has decided to support Dubya is also a disadvantage in a state where hunting and guns are sacred objects.

I think Kerry and Edwards (with the help of their Democratic colleagues in the Senate) they can squeeze a victory here.