Saturday, September 11, 2004

Jeez, I can't believe I'm writing this

I see Kevin Drum wonders if this is a cheap shot. While I do heartily diss Dubya in this here blog and I really really really hate that it seems I'm defending Dubya, this is more about criticizing unprofessional behavior from an MD, even if it's about Dubya. Even if scum like Krauthammer does it. It's not right when we do it as well.

I think the MD in question crosses the line. It's completely unethical for the MD to suggest these things. Fine. Go ahead and diss him but please don't use your professional status to support your so-called expert opinion when doing so is a violation of professional ethical standards.

Not only that, this MD guy is an idiot. Diagnosing presenile dementia is dicey, even with all the right tools, such as CAT scans and the appropriate neuropsych tests. And even if he had examined Dubya in vivo (he hasn't), it would be completely unethical as his physician to release this information.

Which makes me wonder in this day and age of Rovian manipulation, could this be the ultimate Rovian maneuver? What a coup. Get an idiot with an MD to cast doubts on Dubya's mental capacities. Then when Dubya gets through his debates without any major stumbles, he would score points for being just okay. Damn. That's brilliant.