Sunday, August 01, 2004

Post convention thoughts

Absolutely mesmerized by the Democratic Convention last week. Since my online time has been extremely limited, I spent my precious minutes checking out the convention blogging. Fun stuff but I left my blog in the lurch. While I'm not sure how successful convention blogging was overall, I'll let you all be the judges, I'm convinced blogging as a field crossed some sort of barrier. We're no longer the pink elephant in the living room to be ignored. Serious political blogging came about because corporate media leaves a huge vacuum in terms of coverage and responsibility. Now it's too late since I think we're not going to go away easily. No wonder the media feels insecure. Of all the papers, I liked the LA Times coverage of bloggers the best. It was not the most comprehensive but I liked the writer's stance: accepting, open, and even, egads, appreciative.

Here and here.