Saturday, July 10, 2004

Kerry and Edwards visit West Virginia

Making a pitstop Friday in West Virginia. And what a hit. See what the local paper said:
" I know there are some conservatives in West Virginia," Kerry said. "What is conservative about piling debt on our children and driving the deficit up to the highest levels in American history? What is conservative about an attorney general who has disrespected the constitution and civil liberties and civil rights?"

Edwards, a youthful 51, speaking prior to Kerry sounded the values theme speaking of his rural, southern roots.

"I grew up like most of you ... in a little town out in rural North Carolina," Edwards told the 5,000-plus people assembled on a grassy field under the hot, sunny West Virginia skies. "Nobody has to tell me or teach me. I know what the values of real America are: faith, family, responsibility, opportunity for everybody.

"Where I grew up - and I know where y'all grew up - you don't learn about somebody's values from how they use the word in a political speech or a political ad," he added. "The way you learn about their values is how they've spent their life, what they've done when their life was on the line. I know what the values of John Kerry are: don't you?"

"When they talk about values, bring it on! We're ready to talk about values," Edwards said to the boisterous cheering West Virginia audience.

Following the roaring introduction of Kerry by Edwards, the Democratic presidential candidate said, "this president's value: to give the wealthiest people in America yet another tax cut," he said. "John Edward's and John Kerry's value: to make sure we roll back that tax cut and invest in healthcare, education, job creation, put America back to work."

"Let America be America again. Let's go out and make it happen," Kerry said in closing his 15 minute remarks Friday to the wildly cheering southern West Virginia crowd.

Teresa Heinz Kerry, speaking to the audience prior to her husband, opted to use "morals" instead of "values" saying "it's not moral to take children and send them to places where they cannot learn. It's not moral not to give children healthcare. It's not moral to let them go to bed hungry at night."

"Inspiring" was the word used by Wise County, Va. Commissioner of Revenue Douglas Mullins, Jr. said after hearing and meeting Kerry and Edwards at the tarmac presidential rally. "The values massage is important. And, Kerry and Edwards will not give an inch to the other side," Mullins said to the music of 'Johnny Be Good' before starting his 2-hour trek back to Pound, Va.

Another observer said of Kerry's pick of Edwards as the Democratic vice-presidential contender, "He's the best thing since Kennedy. He brings this youth and charisma. We've been too blasé about national politics. He gets people interested again in politics," she said.
Glad to hear they're trying to reframe the values thing because the reality is we've got the franchise on values.

And I can't wait for the new polls.