Thursday, July 08, 2004

Smearing the NEA

Controversy, now that NEA is holding their national convention. From the other side of the culture wars comes this amazing piece on the NEA. ...A conservative leader in the National Education Association (NEA) has been removed from office because she chose to criticize a homosexual. Diane Lenning, chairperson of the National Republican Educators' Caucus, was removed from her position because she objected to the NEA giving a special award to Kevin Jennings, the head of the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Educators group. Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute says Jennings is a very controversial figure. "This is a man who is a homosexual activist, who covered up an incident of molestation, who presided over a session in Massachusetts in which kids as young as 14 were exposed to graphic descriptions of homosexual sex acts, [and who has said he wants kindergartners acquainted with homosexuality," Knight says, adding that Jennings has "used foul language to describe Christians who oppose his agenda." Knight says it is bad enough that the NEA honored Jennings, but even worse that Lenning was removed from her post for objecting. According to the CFI spokesman, her removal is just another example of the NEA's long anti-family track record. "Over the past few years, the NEA has forgone all pretense of objectivity and has become entirely pro-homosexual," he says. "Resolutions have been debated about introducing gay historical figures to kids, having pro-homosexual education starting as [early] as kindergarten, [and] treating people's religious views as bigotry and hatred." Knight describes the NEA as a "hard-core, pro-homosexual outfit." [Bill Fancher]
I will repeat this trenchant quote: 'the NEA is a hardcore prohomosexual outfit'. Sounds like my kind of group.

But seriously, any decent person of the conservative ilk would read this article and think the NEA is responsible for exposing murican kids to just awful alternative lifestyles, hence the proper reaction would be, I'm gonna put my kids in private school.

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Here are a few of the many things they dislike about this NEA guy:
Jennings has also used the F-word to denounce "the Religious Right" for opposing the homosexual school agenda, and called Jerry Falwell a "terrorist" at the Teaching Respect for All conference in October 2002 in Los Angeles. GLSEN also advocates that children as young as kindergarteners be exposed to materials advocating that homosexuality is acceptable and normal. As one GLSEN conference participant said, "That's when the saturation process begins."
Lessee, we've got the VP using the F-word and feeling just fine about it. The Secretary of Education called the NEA terrorists. Hypocrites all, I tell ya.