Thursday, July 08, 2004

Dean and Nader debate

Why? On Dean's debate with Nader, I agree with the following:
Howard Dean is emerging as perhaps the Democrats' best answer to the threat posed by independent Ralph Nader because he appeals to many of the same progressive-leaning voters as the consumer activist does.

Democratic candidate John Kerry can largely ignore the Nader candidacy even as one of the party's high profile crowd pleasers takes him on, as Dean plans to do Friday in a debate organized by National Public Radio.

Dean's argument will be the same one he's been making since shortly after he dropped out of the Democratic race in February: Voting for Nader could help re-elect President Bush because the election is expected to be just as close as 2000 was.

"Dean is the most effective person in making that argument," said Anthony Corrado, a Colby College professor of government and a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution.

"In particular, by having Dean debate Nader, you have a high-profile Democrat that shows the Democrats are not simply disregarding Nader. But it's not the same as having the presidential or vice presidential candidate confronting Nader."
But see how the Kerry-Edwards people continue to subtly diss Dean.
A spokeswoman from the Kerry campaign said Dean's contribution was welcome, but Kerry himself was the best messenger.

"It's great to have surrogates to reinforce that message, but John Kerry is an aggressive campaigner and with John Edwards at his side, they're a very dynamic team," said spokeswoman Kathy Roeder.
Despite comments like that, Dean is continuing to show he's serious about making a difference. No doubt I'm for KE04 but I continue to be die-hard Dean supporter.

Debate is Friday on See here for details. List of stations.