Friday, July 16, 2004

Being assimilated by Walmart

Glen Ford of the Black Commentator recently gave a speech on how corporate values will destroy our dreams if we don't wake up.  Here's a bit:
During the last couple years we’ve been hearing a lot about a “global clash of civilizations.” We have our own clash of civilizations going on, right here in the United States. Essentially, civilization is the sum total of the expressed dreams of a people. It is their version – and vision – of what life is supposed to be. But in the United States, only one very small group is empowered to dream its dreams – to build its version of civilization.This group sees neighborhoods and cities and countries – the whole world – as its private Field of Dreams – places where they can make ever-increasing profits, at ever-diminishing cost to themselves. Forget about the rest of us.
Wal-Mart is the “model” for this brand of civilization. They lock up everybody else’s dreams in their Big Box. And, whatever they do, no matter how destructive – they call that, “development.”
Walmart is probably one of the worst ones but others come to mind, especially with regards to our kids, the next generation.  What about Disney ? Visions of blonde haired blue eyed Cinderellas in blue dresses come to mind: that's the Disney image probably branded in every child's mind. Corporations are attempting to co-opt our values, in doing so destroying our visions and dreams.  It's insidious, especially for our kids who are vulnerable to messages at school and from the media: TV, movies, so on.  Help them from being assimilated into the Borg of corporate values.