Thursday, July 15, 2004

Politics of splitting

In the middle of the busiest week I've had in awhile, I started this post on whether the FMA, the no-to-gay marriage thing, had elements of show in it, meaning are they throwing a bone to their base, to keep them from getting too restless knowing full well it's not going to happen, this time.

I lost the post somehow through Blogger. It's gone, destroyed or dead.  Twice. Is this post that incredibly offensive? In the meantime, the FMA thing got squashed. For now. Phew.

So is this topic still relevant?

The topic per se is now on the backburner, but I had wanted to highlight the 'splitting', so to speak, still relevant.

Splitting  simply described, is the mechanism describing when someone regards people idealistically  and another as fabulously wicked. It's the you're good or you're evil type thing and no variation inbetween allowed, dammit.  The Republican propaganda machine depends on this process to succeed, and it has, which says a lot about the people on whom this type of manipulation is effective.  I see it with the perpetual abuse of Kerry while we get stomach-churning lionizing of Dubya or even of Cheney. 
Another way of splitting occurs in dysfunctional family systems  with the good cop/bad cop phenomena.  Sometimes I wonder if we're getting a bit of this with the dynamic duo of Dubya/Cheney; Dubya is the good guy, and Cheney, well, he gets to mouth off all he wants.

I do recently  think Mrs. Cheney was called on to be the good cop, given all the  comments her husband has made.  While they aren't gaffes to the 'right' people, I' m betting his comments may have offended a couple of different Republican factions.  She defended his cursing as not the usual thing, and she disagreed with his gay marriage stance. While I bet both positions are true to her, trotting her out might be a way of stemming some of the damage.  The ones offended will take to the Mrs; the others will stand by her husband. 
If I see more of this, I think it might be an interesting comment on the state of the supporters.  I wonder if there's fear  they are  losing their base.
Who knows.  We'll see.
OT: I'm having a horrendous time with both Blogger and gmail; both are cutting out on me.  I would have more links.  Maybe later.