Monday, June 14, 2004


Have been off my regular computer; it just needed just a bit of tweaking. But being a creature of habit, I missed my bookmarks and my incoming news sent to my email. I still haven't figured out how to get access to that email account from another computer. Such barriers!

And no, it wasn't because I was bummed out about the Lakers. I miss the old Laker team of Magic and James Worthy; Derek Fisher rocks but the big stars on the team bug me. Oh, the egos.

I see this week we will be treated to lots of huge stories for some strange reason. I'll blame it on the Reagan all-news all the time week.

The four confidential Red Cross reports, already leaked, about the Iraq prisons should be coming out.
    Joining the Supreme Court is the Red Cross. The British Telegraph’s Julian Coman reports (it was a good week for the British papers -- but then, they've been cleaning the clocks of the American media for a couple of years now) that "four confidential Red Cross documents implicating senior Pentagon civilians in the Abu Ghraib scandal have been passed to an American television network, which is preparing to make them public shortly." The article quotes one expert as saying that the "biggest bombs in this case have yet to be dropped." And this is on the heels of last week's reports about a memo that for the first time links the White House far more directly to Abu Ghraib.
Of course, the statement by the diplomats and military officials will be out on Wednesday but we all already know about that one.

Then expect to see bedlam in Florida over public education. Two sets of 'grades' will come out: one for the school by the state and the second related to NLCB, meeting AYP.
    Tuesday is truly the day after tomorrow for local schools - a day when a tidal wave of state and federal accountability results are expected to come rushing down from Tallahassee.

    Tuesday is the day school grades are expected to be released, according to state education officials. The school grades, which range from A to F, are based on student performance on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

    The FCAT school grades are part of Gov. Jeb Bush's A-Plus accountability plan.

    Tuesday is also the day schools are supposed to find out if they made Adequate Yearly Progress under President Bush's No Child Left Behind program. Under No Child Left Behind, schools receive a "yes" if they made adequately yearly progress or a "no" if they didn't.
This should be the start of the landslide; other states will be reporting AYP results over the summer. I'm not surprised to see a shitload of spin already.