Saturday, June 05, 2004

Random poll-watching thoughts

Transformations can be quick, other times gradual. I can't say when this happened but I can safely say I'm an official poll junkie. In the meantime, I left behind my other hobby, following baseball. Yup, I was the nerd who knew all the baseball stats at the Dodger game. Well, no more. Besides, we no longer attend as many games once we stopped getting those nice freebie clubhouse tix.

After leaving my third comment on polls over at nevsky's, I think it's time to hightail it back here and get these numbers out.

West Virginia: Holy cajoly! Kerry leads 47-41 over Bush in a new Mason-Dixon poll, commissioned by a private party. No trends but in another poll, he was down by 4 pre-Abu Ghraib.

Virginia: Bush leads by only 2% in a Rasmussen poll. This is amazing since VA is considered red. See what Stirling Newberry has to say about Rasmussen.

North Carolina: Bush leads by only 4% in a Rasmussen poll. Kerry is making inroads in states considered by CW to be solid. Yeah, I know election is months away so these numbers may be meaningless.

Seeing how my predictions usually fall flat, that's not going to stop me from making my next bold and fearless prediction: Edwards will be the VP.

It'll help Kerry in NC and other southern states. Besides, according to Doc Searles, Edwards will be attending the Bildeberger conference in Italy. Gah! What was all that talk about two Americas? BS, I gather. So Edwards is ruling class, as is Kerry. Definitely makes a Kerry-Edwards ticket palatable for them, at least. But I'll take these two guys over the Dubya team any day.