Friday, June 11, 2004

Recent West Virginia polls

I'm swiping these Mason-Dixon private poll results from kos.
    Kerry 47%
    Bush 41%
MoE +/- 4, May 26th to 28th.

The June 7th Zogby interactive numbers support this Kerry bounce in WVa. While Zogby says Kerry's overall numbers are declining a bit in swing states, WVa (and Iowa) are notably the only swing states where Kerry's numbers are trending up.

In WVa, overall change (compared to the May 24th interactive poll) is +5.5% for Kerry per WSJ 6/10/04. For Iowa, it's +6.5%.
    June 7, West Virginia
    Kerry 46.6%
    Bush 43.5%
    Nader 2.4%

    MoE +/-4.4
    Vote Results in 2000: Bush, with 52%
Check out the WSJ's nice visual aid.

These are the first polls for WVa post-Abu Ghraib. Since WVa is a state with a lot of military veterans, I had been wondering if those photos of war crimes would turn the tide for Kerry. Past polling results showed Kerry tied or behind by a hair.