Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Go Lakers

From this fairweather fan. Wish I could feel more passionate about saying go Dodgers. From the LA Weekly (attempt with caution; way too many popup ads):
    The List
    Batting practice: Former Dodgers’ 2004 stats vs. the current lineup (as of June 1). Former Players OB %
    Mike Piazza, Catcher, Mets .313
    Paul Konerko, 1st Base, White Sox .278
    Jose Offerman, SS, Twins .230
    Todd Zeile, 3rd Base, Mets .256
    Todd Hollandsworth, OF, Cubs .306
    Jeromy Burnitz, OF, Rockies .295
    Gary Sheffield, OF, Yankees .282
    Marquis Grissom, OF, Giants .313
    TOTAL: .284

    Current Players OB %
    Paul Lo Duca, Catcher .366
    Shawn Green, 1st Base .235
    Alex Cora, 2nd Base .294
    Cesar Izturis, SS .308
    Adrian Beltre, 3rd Base .314
    Dave Roberts, OF .240
    Milton Bradley, OF .267
    Juan Encarnacion, OF .222
    TOTAL: .280
Actually not too bad. I'm surprised to see Offerman still playing SS. And I'm hoping to see Dave Roberts have a better year.