Thursday, June 03, 2004

Food additives and hyperactivity in children

I've been running across a slew of articles on this study looking at the effects of food additives and hyperactivity in children.

It's a nice one: double-blind, pretty large sample size in each category.

So they find, yes, when you give sodium benzoate and artificial food colorings to kids, it does make a difference in their behavior.

Kind of like a d'oh type experiment. Hey, I could tell you that. Just measure the behavior of the kids at the party before the cake or after the cake. An independent observer will know without doubt.

Reminds me of my own d'oh moment. My kindergartener once said mom, I have a tummy ache and I want to throw up, could we go to the store real quick and get some soda.

Oh, sure, yes, and so we went. After we picked up the soda, we were next to the doughnut aisle. Oh, please, I need some food to eat with the soda, how about those doughnuts.

I was in a hurry so I said yes. This is when all parents smile knowingly and say, my god, you've been had, woman.

The kid spent the rest of the afternoon bouncing off the walls in the foulest mood I've ever seen. Never again.