Thursday, June 03, 2004

Women in blogging, rant number 132

It's starting up again in blogtopia. Women in blogging: why are they so damn invisible?

Let me see. Today I got up, made breakfast, made lunch for the kindergartener, took the kindergartner to school along with the snacks and other stuff for the class, ran to the store to get the camcorder, waited impatiently for the one salesperson on staff who is patiently explaining the basics to the lady who doesn't know anything about digital cameras, bought the camcorder, drove home, tried to read a bit of the newspaper, took a shower, got on-line for a bit, ate something, figured out how to use the camcorder and to charge it up, got the change of clothes and snack together for the after school activity, called up kindergartener friends for playdates, drove to the pizza place to get a piece of pizza because the kindergartener doesn't eat lunch and will have a cow today without any food for the after school activity, picked up the kindergartener, kindergartener eats the pizza and still has a cow, go home, called the afterschool activity organizer and cancelled, kindergartner still has a cow, got on-line a bit while the kindergartener has a cow, and so it went. And guess what: this wasn't even close to being a busy day.

Yes, I am fascinated by politics. I wish I could be on-line more hours. I wish I could post more. But many days I just don't have the time. I don't have the time to spend hours on-line reading. I don't have the time to even worry about my numbers. That's cuz I don't have a paying job because I've 'opted out'. Sometimes I wonder how I'll ever get back to my washed out career. And sometimes I don't know how I'll fit even a part-time career in.

But some of us still manage to blog despite all the other obstacles and barriers that a few male bloggers seem blithely unaware of.

So you probably can't tell how much it pisses me off to read Yglesis and Drum scratching their heads about women, blogging and politics. Since both posts were based on some type of survey or study, there's flimsy quantitative data to begin the usual speculation. I guess that's what you call a good start. How about getting some input from some real live female bloggers? It's called experiential information.

May you both come back the next life as a female polical blogger. Then you'll get it.
/end rant