Sunday, May 23, 2004


After a long day helping at the Science Fair and listening to Susan Ohanian lecture, I'm too tired to put up anything but fluff.

LA Times has a bit on this website providing pseudo-psychoanalysis if you give them a sample of your writing. (Warning: click with caution on the LAT site. Unfortunately, LAT's calendar articles are unavailable unless you pay mooula or subscribe to the daily newspaper. Bastards.) The site apparently uses a computer software to analyse content for "underlying emotion". Note: it's not free but does offer a free 5day trial.

So what does the software developer put up as an example in this article? The Bush and Kerry educational policies.

Kerry analysis:
    Some excerpts: As to Kerry's position on education, titled "Strengthening America's Schools for the 21st Century," the Genie says: "I want you to know that you are not alone. I sense that you're going through a pretty rough time here, based on your score, and would like nothing better than to see you pick up the phone and call a friend, family member, or a trusted 'listening ear.' Being down is a normal course of life, but when it begins to affect your sense of well-being, and possibly your ability to continue functioning, it's time to start pushing that pendulum back in the other direction."
Bush analysis:
    Bush doesn't fare much better with his "Leave No Child Behind" position on education. Genie: "Forgive me for being so forward, but I can't shake the impression that you might be avoiding certain feelings of responsibility. Maybe you're even feeling shame. At some point though, it's important to acknowledge such feelings, make the Big Apology (even if the only one you're apologizing to is yourself) and let go of it before feelings fester or magnify out of control."

While I can't verify this is a joke, the site itself looks like a real web-based business. As for its value, well, if you've got money to burn, this is a more personal alternative to Cosmopolitan magazine.