Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Around the progressive blogs: education

On the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, Luis offers thoughtful reflections on the impact of Brown in Colorado and points the way to Prometheus 6 who has more to say.

From Pharyngula, we find feministe has found Jay Bullock's excellent posts on NCLB. Given the new Bush ads on education are out, it really is a nice time to review NCLB so here they are: I, II, and talking points.

So we must mention Jay is the Democratic Iron Blogger, competing this very week. Please support our guy and drop some comments at the Iron Blog because it seems the denizens at the Iron Blog comment section run conservative. (Why does it seem we have more conservatives on line than progressives?)

Bohemian Mama just gave notice. A big congrats to her: she's going to back to school to be a teacher!

Finally, patriotboy's dog, who just happens to be a GOP team leader, has been requested to provide en masse astroturf letters to the editor supporting NCLB. Go to the American Street, familiarize yourself with those letters, and see if you've seen any in your local newspaper. It's absolutely an outrage to know dogs are being requested to write fake grassroot letters to the editor on behalf of NCLB.

I'm sure I missed posts so please drop me a line if I missed yours. Sorry; I've been distracted and spending my precious online hours at dailykos this last week.