Tuesday, May 11, 2004

A case of good cop/bad cop?

The current presidency has all the hallmarks of a dysfunctional family system: denial big-time, the all or nothing "you're either withus or against us" syndrome, the scapegoating also big-time.

So it goes to say, with all the talk about Rummy resigning, let's not be too hasty in falling into the trap of painting Rummy as the bad guy.

By taking 'full responsibility' for Abu Ghraib problems and then being rewarded with the compliment 'superb job', once again the heat is off the prez. Rummy took a bullet, although in this admininstration, you don't get fired. George Tenet is case in point.

The pisser is that people fall for this crap. The problem is not the identified patient, but with the entire family system, which includes all of us.

Yes, we are part of the problem.

Because we let these guys get away with all this crap and the responsibility is ultimately with the guy at the top, the attention-deficit learning disabled guy.

So let's be strong. Keep the focus. Let's not get distracted. Our task is to get rid of this administration and most of all Shrub.

I'm all for impeaching Bush.