Saturday, May 15, 2004

Rebuttals to the Bush education ads

Nothing new here. I'm putting all the links rebutting the recent spate of Bush education ads in one post. offers arguments in response to the ads featuring Mrs. Bush. Key points: 1. Regarding "dramatic results" in Texas, think again. The ad forgets to mention the false dropout statistics scandal. 2. Regarding educational funding, yes, it's gone up , give him credit for that. But NCLB imposes new costs to all schools, and it turns out funding doesn't come close to covering those costs.

Kerry's camp provides a very strong point by point rebuttal to the Bush-Cheney "accountability" ad. It's good work.

Washington Post provides an analysis of the new Spanish education ad.
    When President Bush's aides released a television ad Tuesday saying that "no child in America should be left behind," it looked to be the first positive spot the campaign had rolled out in weeks.

    Yesterday came the Spanish-language version -- and it packed a far more negative punch.

    The education message changed in translation, with the spicier Spanish version -- airing in Florida, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico -- skewering Bush's Democratic opponent.


    While the ad says that "Kerry cambia de opiniĆ³n" -- changed his mind -- Bush aides provided no evidence for the charge that he bowed to "pressure from education unions," other than an editorial in New Hampshire's conservative Manchester Union Leader.
One last one: has a special report out on the Bush education ads.

I haven't seen any ads since we're not in a swing state. So feel free to let me know what you think if you happen to see one.