Sunday, May 16, 2004

Another one

Add NDN to the list of groups rebutting the new Bush education ads. I found this ad placed on one of my favorite sites,
    Yesterday the President launched a new ad touting his education record that left out one essential fact - he has failed to deliver $22 billion he promised to the nation's most struggling schools.

    $22 billion. That is a lot of money my friends. Think of the new text books that could be bought, teachers hired, schools fixed, charter schools launched and after-school programs that could be extended with $22 billion.

    Since early March, NDN has taken the lead in informing the American people about the President's broken promises through its groundbreaking national television campaign. Today, fueled by your support, NDN is ratcheting up its efforts to tell the truth about the Bush record by expanding its powerful education ad into five new markets in Florida, Arizona and Nevada.

    To ensure we have the resources we need to bring this important message to more people, please contribute to our campaign today, and send this email on to others.

    The President's promise to the country was higher standards, greater accountability and more money to make the new, vital reforms of the new law work. By not providing the resources needed to help stuggling school districts meet the new standards, he is undercutting his own policy and hurting America's children.

    Help us make Bush keep his promise to America's children. Support NDN's critical campaign today.
On their site, you can also view both the English and Spanish language ad made by NDN.